Cosmetology Course 1250 Hours:

Cosmetology Course includes all aspects of the following with the newest trends, Stylists, Technicians and Salon Clients taken into consideration for the best training you can receive to begin your career.

Hair Styling:                                                           Skin Care:

Hair Coloring:                                                         Nail Techniques:

Hair Cutting (Men's & Women's):                              Product Knowledge:

Chemical Texturizing Services on all Hair Types:      Braiding:

Professionalism, Client Relations and Retention:      Pennsylvania Laws & Regulations:

Hair Extensions:                                                      Sterilization & Sanitation

Salon & Shop Management:                                      Anatomy & Chemistry:

Preparation for the State Board of Cosmetology Exam:

Theory on all related subjects:

Tuition: $15000.00

Kit and Books: $900.00

Career options for Graduates:

Hair Technicians

Color Technicians

Platform Artists

Salon & Spa Owners, Barber Shop Owners & Nail Salon Owners

Regional Trainers

Professional Product Trainers 

Educators for Professionals and Students in the Industry

This list is not all inclusive. The Industry is constantly growing and new avenues are always opening for qualified professionals.

Cosmetology Instructor Course  500 Hours:

The skills to transfer the knowledge of the above mentioned skills to students as well as professionals.

Lesson Plans:                                                          Class Room & Clinic Organization:

Education for different student learning skills:         Professionalism:

Theory on Teaching Skills:

Preparation for the State Board of Cosmetology Instructors Exam:

Theory on all related subjects:

Tuition: $4000.00

Books:   $200.00

Nail Technician Course  200 Hours:

Natural Nail Care & Sculpting:                                  Enhancing of the Natural Nail:

Artificial Nail application & care:                             Polish and design:

Product Knowledge:                                                 Sterilization & Sanitation:

Professionalism, Client Relations & Retention:          Pennsylvania Laws & Regulations:

Preparation for the State Board of Cosmetology Nail Technology Exam:

Theory on all related subjects:

Tuition: $2000.00

Kit and Books: 400.00


Pell Grants, Veteran's Education Benefits and Federal Education Loans available for those who qualify.



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